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Partner Highlight: Natalie Cornu - Adventurer & Business Owner

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

At FM Civic, we're driven to create economically and culturally diverse communities where everyone thrives. And it starts with us, the FM Civic team.

Our contractor-based business model prioritizes empowering women and minority entrepreneurs to develop more autonomy and financial independence through their work.

This week we’re highlighting: @NatalieCornu!

Natalie enjoys living a life of adventure while working hard managing her own digital marketing business based in Bend.

She’s lived in Central Oregon for a little over two years, and she and her fiancee, Joe, love ticking off special adventures from her Bend bucket list. You can find Natalie and Joe spending their weekends hiking, camping, paddleboarding, snowboarding, playing pickleball and doing any other activity that gets them out in the sun. Most recent escapade: Snow-shoeing!

In her early 20s, Natalie spent time living in Germany, Italy and Australia. Traveling is a big part of her life and brings her an unparalleled joy. Very recently Natalie and Joe’s travels took them to Sedona, Arizona, where on a beautiful sunrise hike, Joe asked Natalie that very, very special question. She said yes!

Not long after they returned from this trip, the two bought a townhouse in Bend–which we hope means Natalie is here to stay.

On the professional side, Natalie graduated from the University of Oregon in 2017 from the School of Journalism & Communication. After working on the marketing team for a startup in Utah, she began her own business helping clients achieve their goals in the digital marketing world.

Graphic design, web development, SEO, digital advertising, copywriting: Natalie is a highly adaptable and valuable asset to any project team she’s a part of at FM Civic. But beyond her skills, it’s the work ethic and sunshine she brings to every meeting that makes her irreplaceable. Working with good, kind, fun people–there’s just nothing else like it.

FM Civic is proud to partner with Natalie, supporting her business to grow as she puts down roots in Bend for the long-haul and helps us continue to have a #communityimpact in a city she loves.

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