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Companies are choosing to show up differently by leading the way on initiatives that put their money where their mouth is.


But aligning values and community investments isn't as easy as it sounds.


We partner with business leaders to define their vision for corporate social responsibility work and then support them to achieve impacts that only private partners have the power to manifest. 

Contact us for a consultation on your company's community investment strategy and learn what's possible. 

Business ciients


Inclusive decision-making. It's the way of the future for government agencies seeking excellence. And our old ways of doing business just aren't cutting it anymore. 

Engaging diverse stakeholders on their own terms, on their own time in ways that educate and empower is rapidly becoming the expectation of every government agency--from cities of 3,000 to 3 million. 


Doing this work requires a team.


Our role is strategist and partner to governments and their consultants who seek to engage everyone in vibrant community dialogue that raises the bar for what's possible

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Government clien
Nonprofit client
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Building community is tireless work.


Nonprofit leaders are responsible for our weightiest outcomes--affordable housing, healthcare for vulnerable children and seniors, ensuring families have food and can stay warm in the winter.  


FM Civic partners with nonprofits to support this essential community work.


Through fundraising, outreach, communications, programming and special events--FM Civic is here to share in the heavy load of manifesting extraordinary outcomes for community.

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