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I founded FM Civic in 2021 with a goal: build the kind of company I want to see become the standard.


A company that lives by its values. A company that builds leverage, then flexes it to make community better. A company that empowers team members to do their best work. A company that raises the bar for what business can achieve. 

Here we are building a community impact company that hits on the strongest cylinders of my 20-year career in policy development, strategic communications, fundraising and civic engagement initiatives.

My previous partnerships and clients span local municipalities and taxing districts, regional civic and economic development organizations, nonprofits across the country, and Fortune 500 companies leading national policy efforts.  


I've been fortunate to work in diverse sectors including housing and land-use (a personal passion), transportation, natural resources, environmental protections, renewable energy, healthcare, and economic development.  

Now, at FM Civic I'm focusing this experience on engaging business, government and nonprofit to create community impacts that matter for the long term.

Our work isn't about public affairs, public relations or project management. It's about setting standards for how partners in the civic space can show up, be seen and impact the future of our communities.  



Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Strategic Communications 


Community Affairs Management  

Policy Research and Development

Inclusive Public Input Solutions

Data and Tech-Based Civic Engagement



Donor Development and Stewardship

Capital and Community

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Some things are just baked into your DNA.

Community engagement is the heart of my story.

All the volunteering in high school. All the political campaigns in my twenties.

Every career role I’ve ever held.


My true north is community impact.


When I first began FM Civic in 2021, my elevator pitch went something like this: We’re a public affairs, public relations and project management firm passionate about empowering community members with information and meaningful opportunities to create positive outcomes in the Pacific Northwest. Didn’t exactly roll off the tongue!

But with every examination of purpose the way has become clearer: 

What do we do? We impact community. 

What are we? A community impact firm. 

Is community impact a thing? It is now. 

And with this very intentional focus on supporting business, government and nonprofit to impact community, we are shining light on a new path in the realm of public affairs where it's not about what we do but why we do it. 


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