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May 2023 UN/SUNG: Carrie Douglass

Each month, FM Civic recognizes a community member who is making an off-the-hook #communityimpact in our region, and who is doing so because they believe deeply in helping to make a better future for all Central Oregonians. We call it our UN/SUNG award.

This month, we’re singing the praises of Carrie Douglass, co-founder and owner of The Haven, for the impactful leadership this beautiful co-working space is offering to our Central Oregon community.

Founded in 2019, The Haven provides welcoming, inspiring, comfortable and collaborative workspaces for teams and individual to build connections and be productive. The Haven’s mission is to “help Bend to become the first metro area in the country to reach gender and racial parity in representation in entrepreneurship, business, community leadership and politics.”

This is leadership on another level. It’s a shining example of what it means to #leverageyourbusiness for community good.

Through the Haven, Carrie’s commitment to creating and protecting a culture of inclusivity goes beyond welcoming members of all identities, backgrounds, and experiences. It also includes respecting and affirming dignity, ensuring an environment free from discrimination, and educating and challenging staff and members.

What’s more, Carrie is not only willing to ensure the Haven’s members abide by its culture of inclusivity, but she is also willing to do the work by having difficult conversations and making change.

With a dedication to creating and fostering communities of impact, Carrie is on the leading edge of creating #communityimpact not just in Bend but around the nation. In addition to founding The Haven her Herculean efforts include:

  • Acting as the Founder and CEO of the national School Board Partners initiative which “seeks to connect, inspire, and support entrepreneurs, small business owners, and remote workers” to increase success and impact.

  • Leading Cascade Relays, a race management company specializing in community-building relay races, as the Co-Founder and Co-Owner.

  • Running the Cascades Relay Foundation, which awards grants to local community nonprofits.

  • Serving as the Vice Chair of the Bend-La Pine School District Board and providing board management, budgeting, innovation, and school design leadership.

  • Co-leading TEDxBend and TEDxBendWomen.

We're proud to honor Carrie’s impact with our May Un/Sung award.

Get Involved

Want to learn more about the Haven? You can take a virtual tour, browse their gallery, or come visit the Haven for an in-person tour.

About the UN/SUNG Awards

Every month, FM Civic presents an UN/SUNG Award to a person or group of people that are making a #communityimpact in the Pacific Northwest. Want to nominate an organization or individual that’s making a difference? Drop their name or website in the comments below.

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