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Partner Highlight: Linda Orcelletto– Community Connector

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

If Linda Orcelletto had a tagline it might be, “Oh I know them! Happy to reach out.”

And if you’ve ever been contacted by Linda, you know she truly means it—community outreach is this gal’s super power.

From stakeholder identification to community mobilization to sponsorships to event coordination, Linda’s 25 years in Central Oregon mean she knows exactly who to ask for just about anything. Her sunny personality means the answer to her inquiries is usually, “yes.”

It’s her ability to create lasting and meaningful community connections that prompted FM Civic to bring Orcelletto Communications, LLC into our stable of valued contractors as a Community Engagement Manager. In this role Linda builds collaborations across party lines, industry sectors and geographic boundaries to achieve our client’s outreach and engagement goals in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

Linda’s strong background in nonprofit administration, fundraising, marketing and strategic communications, mean she is a particularly great partner to our (501) c 3 clients whose needs are as diverse as Linda’s skillset.

An extrovert through and through, Linda loves enjoying an IPA at a local pub with friends, attending networking events and taking long walks with her goofy, 5-year-old lump of love golden retriever, Enzo.

She is a frequent volunteer for community events and is currently the President of Central Oregon City Club Board of Directors. No matter where you find Linda, you’ll see her ‘Midwest-nice’ values, ethics, integrity and get ‘er done attitude shining through in all her actions.

Thank you for all you do, Linda!

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