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$$ for rural communities: A new toolkit spreads the word

Government organizations often struggle to reach and inform citizens about available resources for specific community issues. At FM Civic, we help governments develop inclusive civic engagement solutions so that target audiences receive communications about the issues that matter to them, loud and clear. When we see governments partnering with private and community-based organizations to address challenges around civic engagement, we take note.

One public-private partnership that’s giving us all the feel-good #civicengagement vibes is one that’s impacting rural Oregon communities.

Oregon Economic Development Districts, which are designated and funded by the US Economic Development Administration, partnered with The Ford Family Foundation and Sequoia Consulting to develop resources for Oregon’s rural communities to secure federal funding. Realizing that there is an unprecedented opportunity for rural Oregon communities to access funding from federal and state governments, this trio worked together to publish the Pathways to Securing Rural Federal Funding Toolkit.

The toolkit consists of four key tools “intended to help rural jurisdictions, non-profits, special districts and other governmental organizations address the challenges faced in accessing public sector funding streams from federal and state governments.”

The four tools are:

  • Federal Funding Opportunities Prospect List – a list of current federal funding sources that is updated monthly.

  • Grant Writer Roster – a vetted list of grant writers.

  • Grant Readiness Assessment – a survey to identify the necessary steps for rural agencies to successfully prepare a federal grant application.

  • Need-based Mentoring – mentorship for rural agencies that complete the Grant Readiness Assessment, funded by The Ford Family Foundation and provided by Sequoia Consulting.

This free, public toolkit can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. Cue the snaps and claps for Oregon Economic Development Districts, The Ford Family Foundation and Sequoia Consulting 👏🫰

If your agency needs help getting the message out about solutions that matter to your community, drop us a line.

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