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At FM Civic we're driven to create economically and culturally diverse communities where everyone thrives. Our contractor-based business model is one way we do it.

Our model prioritizes empowering women and minority entrepreneurs to develop more autonomy and financial independence through their work.


For every project we undertake, we build a lights-out team of partners who own their own businesses and are experts and specialists in their fields--strategic communications, civic engagement, content creation, graphic design, web development, community outreach, fundraising and more. 


Together we create top-notch outcomes for our clients

and build thriving communities.



Web design + digital strategy

Elisa Cheng grew up in California and Hawaii. She launched her web design career in 2002, spending a few years at an eCommerce company before realizing her passion was helping non-profits. She made a deliberate pivot and founded Tinydot Designs, where she is a digital consultant helping businesses and organizations achieve digital success through SEO, marketing, web design, social media, and digital strategy.


Graphic design + illustration 

Elena is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator living in Portland and specializing in branding, print design, and all forms of illustration. She has more than 10 years of experience in both agency and freelance settings, and now focuses on supporting business and nonprofit clients through Elena Cronin Design. Her work has supported creative initiatives across many sectors including food and beverage, hospitality, cannabis, health and wellness, apparel, and nonprofit.


Digital marketing manager

Natalie specializes in digital marketing, social media and content development with a background in brand and reputation management. She founded her own marketing firm, Cornu Marketing LLC, in 2020 after spending a few fun years in the corporate events space. She focuses on a few partnerships at a time, truly believing in quality over quantity in everything she does—and it shows.  


Events director + outreach specialist

Stephanie spent the last 27 years in the hospitality industry, making people happy for a living whether they deserved it or not. But the bad attitudes that came along with COVID finally put a nail in the coffin on that line of work. Today, Stephanie focuses her considerable energy and expertise on planning and managing inspiring events that make companies and communities better, or applying her bubbly personality to a diverse array of outreach and engagement projects. 


Fundraising + community engagement coordinator

Owner of Bend-based Orcelletto Communications LLC, Linda is a Wisconsin transplant to the Pacific Northwest with strong roots in Central Oregon. She’s a networker through and through with a knack for building community connections. Her background in project management, communications, fundraising and outreach is extensive including public relations, community engagement, event management, donor development and stewardship, and grant writing.


Project manager + content strategist

Kasey is a college access leader turned communications specialist. She works with innovative (i.e. overwhelmed) leaders to turn their ideas and sticky notes into shareable content that inspires action. She creates strategic communications plans and complimentary multimedia assets for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube and sometimes even for print. She's worked extensively with nonprofits, media agencies, educational organizations and businesses. Learn more here. 



Our team works at The Haven, an inspiring co-working space in Bend, Oregon. We look forward to hosting you here in a beautiful conference room overlooking the Deschutes River. 

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